Three Epigrams for violin and piano (1991)

by Bruce Christian Bennett

I. Slow

II. Quite Fast

III. Very Slow

Hear Three Epigrams: 3Epigrams.mp3 (MP3)

Three Epigrams were composed as a short set of hommages, but with a wry sense of humor—witticisms, each with their own private musical joke. Each epigram has its own 12-tone series: the first with an opening tetrachord based on the open strings of the violin and an emphasis on open fifths, the second is partitioned into trichords emphasizing augmented triads, and the third is parsed into tetrachords featuring the major seventh chord. The first epigram is inspired by the music of Webern (or perhaps the Berg of Op. 5), the second is reminiscent of rhythmic vitality of early Stravinsky or Bartók, and the third alludes to Satie's Gymnopédies.

Performance History